SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

SQL Server Analysis Services  introduces many enhancements for tabular models. These include:

  • Tabular mode as the default installation option for Analysis Services. (CTP 2.0)
  • Object-level security to secure the metadata of tabular models. (CTP 2.0)
  • Date relationships to easily create relationships based on date fields. (CTP 2.0)
  • New Get Data (Power Query) data sources, and existing DirectQuery data sources support for M queries. (CTP 2.0)
  • DAX Editor for SSDT. (CTP 2.0)
  • Encoding hints, an advanced feature for optimizing data refresh of large in-memory tabular models. (CTP 1.3)
  • Support for the 1400 Compatibility level for tabular models. To create new or upgrade existing tabular model projects to the 1400 compatibility level,
  • A modern Get Data experience for tabular models at the 1400 compatibility level.
  • Hide Members property to hide blank members in ragged hierarchies. (CTP 1.1)
  • New Detail Rows end-user action to Show Details for aggregated information. SELECTCOLUMNS and DETAILROWS functions for creating Detail Rows expressions. (CTP 1.1)
  • DAX IN operator for specifying multiple values. (CTP 1.1)

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