Advantages of ASP.NET Framework

                                                              MOST IMPORTANT ADVANTAGES & REASON TO CHOOSE ASP.NET FRAMEWORK

  • .NET allows the aptitude for any user to access data or database and return results.
  • Entire flexibility for viewing in multiple browsers including internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
  • .NET framework decreases the size of the entire written code which is generally used to create large applications.
  • It is easily integrated with other Microsoft applications.
  • .NET is purely server side technology.
  • Framework ASP.NET code boasts of high-security features in its internal setup and makes safe & secure applications.
  • It is easy to use for creating dynamic web pages and has the ability to dynamically edit any of the content on the web page.
  • Microsoft .NET stage offers rich Better interface controls.
  • It provides MVC Architecture (model view controller) to make versatile applications.
  • Microsoft .NET applications can be effortlessly referred on any Microsoft server. The structure stimulates one-time setup creation to convey application quicker.
  • Web server continually monitors the pages, applications, and components running on it. If its attention any infinite loops, memory leaks and other illegal activities, it quickly destroys those activities and restarts itself.
  • It provides more stability and scalability.